CK Wedding Photography in Indianapolis

We’ve expanded beyond our Fort Wayne service area and now provide wedding and bridal photography in the Indianapolis area. You can view sample photos from an Indianapolis wedding at this link ckindyweddings.

Making sure all the elements of a wedding go smoothly can be enough to make any bride stressed! But no bride (or groom) wants to look worried or hassled in the wedding photos. That’s why CK Photography takes care of all the details of your bridal photoshoot and wedding photography so you can just enjoy being the bride!

Asuka book Wedding PackageWe put our heart and soul into each wedding that we capture and we want you to experience this 100-page book that encapsulates your wedding story perfectly.
• Unlimited photographic
coverage during wedding day
• Asuka Book 100 Page
Wedding album
• Engagement and Bridal
portrait session
• All high resolution digital
image files on thumb drive
• Photo guest book

CK Unlimited Time Wedding Package - $2,250

With this comprehensive bridal photo package, you will get unlimited photographic coverage of the big event, two photographers working your wedding, Engagement and Bridal portrait sessions, and a USB Flash Drive with all the high resolution digital image files.

CK 8 Hour Wedding Package - $1,750

Two of our professional photographers will work your wedding, providing 8 hours of photographic coverage. You’ll receive all the photos as high resolution digital image files on a USB Flash Drive.

CK 6 Hour Wedding Package - $1,500

As with all our wedding packages, with this package you will have two professional bridal photographers providing photographic coverage of your wedding. Six hours of coverage is included, along with all photos on a USB Flash Drive as high resolution digital image files.

CK 4 Hour Wedding Package - $1,300

Two professional wedding photographers will provide 4 hours of photographic coverage of your wedding, and you’ll get a USB Flash Drive of the resulting high resolution digital images.

CK Wedding Photography in Indianapolis